Our sun

The sun makes you happy and gives light to our planet. And this light brings us a huge amount of energy: 3,8 x 1026 Watt. What does this figure mean? It means, after having harvested the solar energy, 10.000 times more energy is given to us than the whole world would need. Only 1 hour of collecting all the send energy by the sun..
It is up to us to receive this precious gift and to use it as alternative of using fossile fuels.

Solar panels

With solar panels we can do this. After approximately 2 years, if converter technology is chosen wisely, the solar panel has recovered the energy which has been needed to produce it. And than it will go on for decades. So our children can go up supported by green energy.

(the black spot in front of the sun is Mercury. Mercury’s diameter is 38,2% compared with Earth and her distance is moving between 46-70 million kilometer from the sun. The Earth is at a distance of 150 million kilometers and so the intensity of sunlight on Mercury is up to 11 times stronger)