Energy (cost) saving & COreduction in LSS

  • Are you aware of what is going with hydraulics etc. in your LSS?
  • Do you think every goes as planned and in the most efficient/effective way?

To get the answers we have to know what is happening! Agree?

ATO Energysaving has near to 20 years of experience in LSS hydraulics and has everything that is needed for audits on energy saving and creating awareness in aquariums.

Our approach can be as follows:

Measurements in LSS

  • Measuring of flows in the LSS with +GF+ professional portable ultrasonic flow meter 330 A+B
  • Calculating velocities in pipe work, sand filters
  • Measurements of current pumps, blower etc. with Fluke clamp meter
  • Calculating the efficiency of a pump or system
  • Thermographic research with Flir Thermographic camera
  • Noise measurements with Decibel meter Voltcraft SL-100
  • Search of (excessive) energy using components:
    • LSS, cooling/heating equipment, Light plan exhibits, plant rooms etc.

Dialog with the aquarium people

  • Interview with the employees for additional information
    • “Flow experience”, noise, excessive maintenance, water parameters

Reporting of the findings.

  • In a presentation on the last afternoon for all stake holders for discussion and reviewing of results
  • In a report within a few weeks after audit including the R.O.I. times of the energy saving potential


 Make a big step in sustainability!

Our services helps understanding your energy use and how optimizing it!