Energy saving aquarium

Energy saving aquarium

Looking for energy saving in your aquarium? ATO Energysaving will help you!

We will start with an audit of your existing Life Support Systems. Or we can assist you in your choice for a new one.

In the audit we will see how efficient the pumps are performing and how the pipe work contributing to that. With our experience, gathered during years and years advising pumps, we will for sure find out if there are possibilities for improvement.Also the light plan of the exhibits will be a subject of getting more with less energy. Further on, the performance of LSS will be discussed with the aquarium staff.

All found information will then be reported to you and hereafter the challenge begins for optimizing the LSS.

Looking with an eye on the costs of returning, there will be a project plan made or help shall be provided to find the right equipment in order to achieve the goals which are set.

With the tuning of the LSS hydraulics, noise and energy use will go down. LSS component’s work load will reduce, minimilizing downtime as well as maintenance costs. Awesome side-effect will be a better manageable LSS, giving way to better water quality management